Gypsy Girl

Gypsy Girl is a sweet Lab mix – around 2 years old. She’s very easy going and a good listener. She’s great with kids – a really, really sweet dog. She’s house-trained and crate trained. She likes other dogs but she would be fine in a family with or without dogs. She seems too interested in cats – although she has not chased them, so she should be closely watched around them.

She’s very quick to adapt. She’s a lover and she likes to snuggle her face into yours – cheek to cheek. She’ll make a great family member!

Foster Update:

Gypsy Rocks!! She is a very sweet and quiet girl, but she has a lot of get up and go in her when it’s time to get up and go! She is VERY obedient and loves to snuggle up to you with her cheek against your cheek. She would do very well as a one dog- queen of the hill – situation but having a 2nd dog would not be a problem for her either. As long as she gets her attention, having another dog would be fine.

Gypsy is wonderful. The very first night we had her and it was time for bed, she immediately jumped up on the bed and slept at the foot. That has now become her place. She has the most stoic look about her, almost statuesque when she is sitting.

She’s EXTREMELY loving. She likes to lay beside you with her head in your lap. We do not know much about Gypsy’s past. But someone did have her and worked with her on basic training. I truly believe that she will make someone or a family a fabulous companion.

Whoever Gypsy decides will make a good family for her will not be disappointed in this wonderful creature. To watch her run is amazing (…we think she has the greyhound or whippet in her). She will bring much joy and love as she truly understands and gives back to us, her foster-parents, ten-fold in love.