Sweet Humphrey’s shyness is likely an emotional scar from being abandoned. This poor kid has been through so much in his 3 short years of life. He and his brother were rescued from a shelter a couple years ago; were sure they thought they were in their forever home. But recently Humphrey lost his home – and his world – when his owner decided to move and didnt want the dogs there when she was trying to put her house on the market; so she dropped the two brothers off at an overcrowded, high kill shelter. Both of the boys were beyond terrified. And although shelter volunteers worked with them, they were still extremely frightened in their unfamiliar, overwhelming surroundings.

A nice family fell in love with Humphreys brother and adopted him; that left terrified Humphrey all alone for probably the first time ever. Because he was so very frightened, the shelter managers decided he was not adoptable, so Humphrey found himself in an urgent and perilous situation. Fortunately, several volunteers saw something special in Humphrey and quickly helped him become a Squad Dog.

Humphrey is slowly coming out of his shell in his foster home; hes learning to trust and love again. He’s a shy guy, but once he gets comfortable with you, he doesn’t want to let go. He wants to be your sweet tag-along. And although he will likely always be a bit of a Nervous Nellie in noisy, chaotic situations, he has a sweet and loving disposition – an unassuming “please-protect-me” personality.

Humphrey is house-trained, never destructive and always good with other dogs. In fact, he’ll do best if allowed to rely on the comfort of a confident, friendly dog to help him feel safe and secure. Humphrey has so many wonderful qualities; he just needs a patient person to love him unconditionally and to help build his confidence. We think he will do best in a calm, quiet home without small children. With a little bit of TLC and time, Humphrey will be one of the most rewarding friends you’ve ever had.

Check out Humphrey’s videos:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Not needed
Good with kids: Older kids – small and loud frightens him
Good with dogs: Yes – plays rough
Good with cats: NO! No cats!  No birds! No pocket pets!
Activity Level: Medium – High
Fenced yard: Required
Other notes: Needs a calm and quiet home without a lot of noise/action; Other dog(s) recommended for confidence