Ripple is just adorable. He’s around a year old and about 55 pounds. He’s an all-around nice pup.

Rip has a medium energy level and he loves to retrieve. He’s great with other dogs and he loves being with his human friends. He loves to go for walks and he likes to carry his own leash when you take him walking. He’s a nice boy – and he’ll make a wonderful family member.


Ripple is an incredibly handsome Lab. His pictures don’t do him justice at all. He’s an energetic boy – and so much fun. He likes to go to the dog park — to play, chase balls and follow scents. When he gets tired, he’ll put himself in time-out — and chill – and watch everyone else play.

At our adoption events at Petco, he has a great time. He shows his affection for people – and kids. Inside, he likes to smell all the bags of food, but he ignores the cat room, ferrets, etc. Outside, he likes to play tug of war — but he isn’t a super string puller, so he doesn’t overwhelm you.

Rip will be a great dog for a family who will play with him and who understands that this 1-year-old lab still has some puppy in him. He’s a great Lab.