Sweetie was owner surrendered to a local shelter when her family lost their home. She was super distressed missing her family yet still extremely sweet, so the shelter volunteers asked us to help her. Her story broke our hearts, we couldn’t leave her there. But to be honest, our decision was pretty easy. This girl is gorgeous and well-behaved.

She has been quite the hit with everyone she’s met! She’s a house-trained, big, tall, 85 pound girl – and strikingly beautiful too! She’s about 8 years old — a very young 8 though. She’s strong on leash and not fragile at all. And now that she’s in a foster home, she has rebounded to being a very happy, confident girl.

Sweetie loves kids, is great with other dogs — and she doesn’t mind having kitties around. This beauty will make a wonderful addition to a loving home.

Foster Update:

Sweetie is such an easy foster! No trouble at all. She went to my parent’s house with for Christmas and just settled right in like she lived there. They have 2 dogs also and Sweetie was fine with them. We also discovered that she is great at playing fetch and that she actually walks pretty well on the leash once you get going on the walk. We have some obnoxious dogs on our road that bark like crazy anytime we walk by (no matter that we’ve been walking by them for years) and Sweetie just ignores them.

She is great with our cats – and our cats seem to really like her. She is learning not to mess with the horses – unfortunately she is not wary of them at all – and thinks nothing of walking right up and sniffing them… and walking under them… and trying to eat their food! (My horses are very dog tolerant!)