Beavis is a very unusual breed. He is a very rare pure bred SLR (Spotted Labrador Retriever – the scientific name is Bespottedicus Labicus). Okay. We totally made that up. Beavis is clearly a mix, but boy he is one darn good looking boy. He is creamy light colored with large brown spots on his ears and head — and smaller, more faint brown speckles on his body. You sure won’t find anyone with a dog that looks like him. He is definitely unique. We believe he is a Lab and Anatolian Shepherd mix.

Four-year-old Beavis is tall and attractive, and so striking that when we recently walked him through our vet’s lobby and into the parking lot, a couple people followed just to meet him. He rides really well in the car, walks nicely on leash and he’s a great listener. During his ADS orientation, when our volunteer explained to him what it meant to be a Squad Dog – and explained about vetting and foster families, and getting adopted — he hung on her every word and twisted his head back and forth, concentrating on everything said. What a cutie!

Beavis doesn’t really understand that he is a big boy. He clearly thinks he is a lap-dog so when he sits in your lap like a tiny dog, please play along. Lap sitting is one of his favorite things. He also really enjoys hanging out with his friends, going for walks – and he loves a good snuggle too.

Beavis came to us with a bad skin condition and horrible ear infections due to food allergies and neglect. He’ll need a family willing to keep him on a restricted diet to keep his allergies at bay so his skin and ears will stay clear and healthy. While Beavis loves kids, he is an all around lumbering giant of a dog so we don’t recommend him for a home with small children. This boy will make an excellent addition to an affectionate, loving family that is comfortable with a very large dog. He is a very special boy.

Although Beavis is not dog aggressive, we feel he will do best as the only dog in his new home.

Update from Beavis’ foster:

Beavis is looking for his forever home. He’s on the large side (about 80lbs) but he’s a gentle giant. He’s a big goof. Beavis loves napping, playing with his toys aka ‘his babies’, taking walks, hiking and watching sports especially football. Beavis is a huge UGA fan!

This boy is very laid back and he loves being around people. He’s completely house-trained and can be left in the home unattended. (He has, however, been known to take hot baked potatoes off the counter). Beavis loves veggies and salmon…he does not beg for food but does like to give the ‘I’m so sad you won’t share eyes’. If you’re looking for a really great dog, please be sure to meet Beavis!

Check out Beavis’ video:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Not needed
Good with kids: No children under 12 years of age
Good with dogs: Yes – loves to play
Good with cats: Okay with dog savvy cats
Activity Level: Low
Fenced yard: Highly recommended
Other notes: Loves being with people; Best as an only dog due to resource guarding; Food allergies – requires special food