This handsome 18-month-old, 65 pound Lab mix is playful, inquisitive, infinitely happy and he goes crazy for a ball! His name is Franklin and he loves other dogs, so much so that it might cloud his judgement. We temperament tested him with an aggressive dog and as that dog growled and lunged at him, Franklin responded with a play bow and a very happy, joyous invitation to play.

Wherever you take him, he wants to be part of what’s going on. He checks out all the exam rooms at the vet. He stands on his back feet to see who is on the other side of service counters. He follows kids to see what they are doing. And if he hears or sees other dogs, he wants to introduce himself and invite them to play. He always wants to know and see what’s going on. He’s a smart boy. He’s also one of those dogs that, when he’s listening or trying to figure something out, he tilts his head to one side and then the other. He’s adorable.

Franklin’s coat is shiny and has some curls to it; we’re not sure what he might be mixed with, however we do have a pretty good guess. We think he’s a Lab X SuperDog because he can leap tall fences with a single bound. Seriously, this boy can go airborne with little effort. He can clear a six foot chain-link fence easily, so he’ll need a tall fence and constant supervision; no low fences for him.

Franklin will absolutely flourish with an active family that will allow include him in their activities and that will teach him new things. He’ll be the best family member you could ever choose.