Lacy is active; young and as sweet as can be. She doesn’t hesitate to show you her belly if you offer to her a rub. What a cutie!

At only about a year old, her owner surrendered her to a small, rural shelter saying he could no longer properly care for her. That seems accurate as she was very thin when we first met her. She’s a pretty girl. She’ll be beautiful once we get some quality food in her and some healthy weight on her.

Volunteer note:

Lacy rode very nicely in the car on the long trip to Atlanta. She alternated between quietly looking out the window and snuggling on my lap in the back seat. She seemed to know that her life was about to change — and things would be much better for her going forward. She’s submissive, affectionate – and treats are her favorite, so she’ll be easy to teach new things. She’s a really nice girl.