More to come, but what we know so far is…..He is a gentle giant type — loves belly rubs and literally purrs when you rub behind his ears. According to the family who took him in, he is totally house trained and knows several commands, i.e. sit, stay, down.

Foster update:

Prince is a great dog with no flaws that we have noticed whatsoever, but I wouldn’t recommend him for a family that is looking for an active dog. His personality is very mellow. He’d be great for someone who wants a quiet, easy going dog, not an active running around dog. He is so easy going, we think he would be happy in any situation. He doesn’t enjoy being in the crate and really doesn’t need a crate. He is fine left free as he is completely house-trained and doesn’t chew or make messes in the house. He just wants love and attention. He’s a wonderful dog.