Samantha is a very pretty Lab – strikingly attractive in person. She’s mild-mannered, about 5-years-old, easy going and gentle.

This beautiful girl was an owner surrender to a shelter, so she’s a little confused about no longer being with her family. Her former owner’s simply said they could no longer care for her. The shelter volunteers said she would stand at the gate and watch – like she was waiting for someone to come back for her. The staff at our vet’s office said the same thing. We plan to make sure she never has to worry about being left behind ever again.

Samantha is fine with other dogs and she loves children. She’s the kind of girl who needs to be part of a family that loves and cherishes her; one that she can love and cherish right back.


Sam is a wonderful dog. She’s great in the house – and gentle and sweet with kids. She enjoys just being around her human friends. She just wants to be part of her family.

She is gentle, obedient, calm and just a lovely well-trained beautiful dog. She has a lot of fun when you throw the ball for her and she seems content just laying around with the kids and being in the room with you. She will typically bark to alert her family when someone approaches. We feel she was trained to warn of “stranger danger.”

Outside of the safety of her home, Samantha can be reactive to new dogs and new people. She has responded very well when one of our volunteers worked with her to positively redirect her and be less reactive, so we are confidenet she can learn to become less reactive with some effort and good experiences. None-the-less, she is not the kind of dog you can take to public events or to the dog park. She’s a home-body, stay-at-home-with-the-family kind of girl. If you’re looking for an amazing family member and you aren’t the kind of person that must take your dog wherever you go — Sam might just be the absolute perfect fit. She is truly an awesome dog.

Samantha needs a home without cats.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes but not needed
Good with kids: Yes!
Good with dogs: Depends…probably best as an only dog
Good with cats: No!
Activity Level: Low
Fenced yard: Required – privacy fence preferred
Other notes: Loves people