We actually met this boy last summer in a public shelter but he was adopted from there before we needed to help him. Unfortunately, his owners brought him back to the same shelter recently saying that they traveled too much to have a dog. Well, it’s their loss and soon to be a lucky ADS adopter’s gain. We think he’s a really great boy!

Tucker is housetrained and good with kids per his last family. He really loves to be hugged and held. He seems to like other dogs, although we think he’ll be a bit of a rough player. He’s around 18 months old, very strong and just a teeny bit on the chunky side at 60 pounds. He’s a Lab mix with the most adorable face and his tail performs a looping curl, which we understand is all the rage in doggy social circles this year.

Tucker will thrive in a loving home where he gets lots of attention and affection. He’s had way too much disappointment and change in his short life so far. He’s looking forward to a forever home and family.