Harper is a sweet and affectionate boy. His personality is easy-going and friendly like a hound, coupled with the energy and happiness of a Lab. He loves being blown dry and will come running when he hears the hair dryer. He is fully house-trained, rarely barks and loves to regally survey the backyard with his front paws crossed. While his tail is constantly wagging and he’s always willing to play and chase a ball, he also calms down very well and is typically in bed by 8:00.

Harper is a lanky boy, still looking like a big puppy, even though we think he’s around 3 years old. Always looking for a way to sidle up onto a nearby lap, he is an absolute cutie and a joy to his foster family. He’s great with kids and currently lives with a 4- and 6-year-old who love to put him on a leash for “walks” around the house. He gets super excited for walks and meals but can sit and stay until told to eat. His leash manners are getting better and he loves to go on runs with his foster mom. Harper does take about five minutes to warm up to other dogs but, once he’s met them, he’ll be their best friend forever. Just ask his black Lab foster brother.

One important note is that Harper will seize an opportunity to run if given an open door. While he has a microchip now, we think this may be how he came to be a Squad Dog in the first place. His new home will need to have a privacy fence (5′ minimum) and his new family will need to be vigilant so that doors and gates are not left open for him to explore the neighborhood on his own.

While adoption events are a little stressful for him, everyone who meets Harper comments on what a good boy he is. He gives awesome hugs and deserves a loving home where he’ll be able to enjoy living the life a Lab deserves. Spend some time with this sweet, happy boy and see for yourself all he has to offer.

Harper requires a home without cats.

His foster mom says: “If you’re interested in meeting this fantastic dog, it’s best to see him in a home environment free of the stress the Meet & Greet events tend to cause for him. We are happy to have you come visit! Harper is just SO different at home, so affectionate and loving, everyone that comes over falls in love with him. I literally have to hold him back from crawling right into peoples’ laps. You’ll really love him.”

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes once properly introduced – he is bad at dog introductions
Good with cats: No!
Activity Level: High
Fenced yard: Prefers a large yard; Tall fence required
Other notes: Loves being with people; Best with older kids as he can be an escape artist; Loves to go running; Loves to borrow the hair-dryer 🙂