Oakley is just as sweet as can be; but from what we learned of her past, this precious girl seems to not have had a very nice life prior to winding up at animal control. Yet, almost immediately, she became a staff and volunteer favorite in the shelter. We heard good things about her – and we fell for her when we met her ourselves. When our volunteer first visited with her, Oakley sat down and offered her one of her paws, then rolled over and offered her belly too.

Although she has a lot of white on her face and paws, she is only 6 years old. She has a nice, calm energy level and knows her basic commands, such as sit and stay. She’s about 65 pounds and she loves her human friends. Her previous owner reported her to be good with kids and she did well with other dogs during her temperament test.

We’ve promised Oakley things will be wonderful now that she’s part of The Squad. She’s ready to be the love of someone’s life and to find her forever home.

Foster update:

Oakley is house-trained and her activity level is medium. She loves to run and play; but she likes long naps, too! She’s a little shy at first, but she warms up quickly. She’s a bit apprehensive when being introduced to new dogs and initially growls, but she’s peacefully co-existing with our two male Lab-mix dogs. In fact, she likes the younger of them quite a bit. She has challenged our older dog a couple of times, but she seems to accept that he’s top dog now. She seems to be accepting and enjoying her place in the pack. We think she would love the right dog to play with regularly; she has become pals with one of our dogs. She’d probably fine in a one-dog household, too, where she gets all the affection.

Oakley is quiet and shy, and so in need of affection. We think she would be fine with one person or a family. She will thrive in a quieter environment, so older kids in the home would likely be best.

Oakley loves to be close if you’re sitting and reading or watching TV. She loves to cuddle. She is smart and will learns easily. She’s quite eager to please and she’s very affectionate. She’ll make someone a fine companion.