Daisy Mae

Daisy is a 4-year-old English Lab mix. She’s a super cute girl with a goofball attitude – rather silly actually. She’s quite the butterball right now — but she plans to lose a few pounds real soon. You know – before swimsuit season gets here.

She’s anxious to be adopted. She told us she already has her bags and stuffed animals all packed. She’s ready to go, just waiting for you!

Foster update:

For a dog that had never lived in a house before, Daisy has truly embraced the joys of indoor living. She’s a very sweet dog whose favorite activity is stretching out on the couch – preferably with a person – so that she has a knee to rest her head on. She’s a fairly low energy dog, pretty content to just hang out with people and to chase the occasional chipmunk. She loves to roll in the grass and makes all kinds of funny noise when she does so! She loves walks in the woods and car rides. She likes to put her head in the creek and we imagine that she’ll turn out to be a swimmer.

She apparently has never been around toys before and is just now starting to pick one up occasionally. She might eventually figure out that she is a retriever, who knows? She does like to chew on bones, antlers and kongs with peanut butter (low fat, of course, as she is on a serious diet!!). She doesn’t chew on anything she is not supposed to and she is not destructive in any way. She’s housetrained and crate trained, although she doesn’t need to be crated at all. Daisy is eager to please her humans and she loves everyone she meets.

When she gets very excited, Daisy will sometimes grab at your clothes and will occasionally accidentally pinch you. She is working on self-control and we hope to have that habit extinguished soon. Daisy is not very good right now at introductions to other dogs – but given some time, she adjusts to the idea of having a new friend and then she is fine. It took her just a few minutes to get friendly with her foster brothers (two laid back males) and about an hour to adjust to having my parents dogs (two hyper females) in the house. She’s good with our two dog savvy cats. They will even rub up against her, so they are quite friendly and comfortable with her.

Daisy is a beautiful, sweet tempered, easy-going dog who is just looking for a comfy couch to sleep on and a special person to share it with!

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes, probably best with older kids
Good with dogs: Yes – not good at initial meetings but warms up
Good with cats: Yes if dog savvy; will chase a running cat
Activity Level: Low
Fenced yard: Much preferred but not required
Other notes: Loves walks; Definitely not a runner