Fitz is a big, sensitive teddy bear. He’s friendly, sweet and shy. And he’s a leaner! He leans into you when you pet or hug him, and he’ll collapse into your lap if given the opportunity. He’s about 3-years-old and his optimum weight is around 75 pounds.

He’s a little bit skittish in uncertain and loud situations, and he can be a little shy when he first meets you. But he warms up really quickly, and that’s when the silly, happy part of his personality comes out. He loves to be loved. And he likes to go for car rides too; especially if he can sit with his head on your lap. He’s a super snuggler. He’s also a bit of a goof. When we had him out walking among some trees and bushes, he decided to play hide-and-seek; and then he dropped into the bushes as though he suddenly needed a nap. He was having a great time just being silly.

When Fitz meets another dog, he always wants to play. He’ll offer a nice play bow and maybe even a silly bounce and a paw. If that happens to result in a growl response from his potential playmate, he’ll flip over onto his back and submissively offer his belly. The boy just wants to have fun, not trouble.

Because Fitz prefers not to be alone and can also be frightened easily, he’ll do best with a tall, secure privacy fence. He does love to run and chase in a yard; but he can jump a 6 foot chain-link fence without a lot of effort.

Fitz is friendly with all and will make a great pal. He does need some help with his confidence and learning to be brave. He has incredible potential. We think he’s pretty awesome already. He tells us he is very ready to start his new life with a fun and loving family.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes – very!
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity Level: Medium
Fenced yard: Tall fence required – he can jump a 6 ft chain link fence
Other notes: Loves people and dogs; Skittish in new situations; Sensitive