Miss Maeve

Pretty girl Maeve wound up as a stray at animal control looking as though she’d very recently had a litter of pups. And, by the looks of her, she’s had lots and lots of litters. We were so excited to tell her she doesn’t have to raise any more puppies. She gets to be someone’s baby now!

We think Maeve is about 7-years-old. And although she’s very house-trained, she doesn’t seem familiar with many “house noises”. She enjoys a soft bed and she loves people a lot, but seems to be a little wary of other dogs. But, we suppose, if we’d spent our life having lots of litters of pups, we’d want other dogs to give us a little space too, until we got to know them better.

Maeve is loving and gentle. She likes nothing better than to be your companion and she’ll sneak you sweet little kisses if given an opportunity. She’ll give you unconditional love and she’ll brighten your day every time you come through the door. If you’re looking for a best girlfriend, Maeve is your girl!