This darling little girl is Pippa. She’s 5-months-old and still getting used to all the city noises that she didn’t have in the country where she was found. She’s Jazmine’s daughter and Will’s sister.

Pippa apparently has never had toys – so she, rather adorably, hoards them in her crate. She’s a little shy, but her puppy personality is beginning to shine through. The more comfortable she gets, the more her personality blooms. She sleeps fine in a crate and she’s working on house-training. She’ll probably do best with another confident dog to help her with her confidence. She’s eager to please and is food motivated, so teaching her new things will be a breeze.


I knew Pippa was terrified in boarding — and I knew my dogs would help her become more confident… so, Pippa and I took the plunge and she moved in. I have not fostered a puppy in years, so I was a bit nervous about it — and so was Pippa. I hoped I’d have the patience needed for a baby. And guess what… she might just be the easiest foster I have had in a long, long time. She has not had an accident in the house yet; she knows to go potty when you let her outside!

I have just about every doggy personality she could experience here, and she gets along great and seems to communicate just fine with them all. She will wrestle with my very active boy… and I’ll find her snuggled up on the dog bed beside my senior Golden. (She’ll lie in front of him, on his front legs — and curl her neck up on his shoulder.) She follows her foster sister around the yard, as they check on important Labby things together — like froggies and chipmunk holes. She is even careful around 13-year-old Squad Dog Bud. She has bursts of puppy energy — but she is more calm than not. I can usually find her chewing on a toy on one of the dog beds or in one of the crates. She self crates when she needs some personal time.

She’s still a puppy — and needs guidance on what to chew and what not to chew, but that is expected. She seems new to the world of house-living and city-living so some of the sights and sounds scare her. She just needs some good experiences… and she’ll get more and more brave every day. I expect her to be a calm, mellow, sweet girl as she gets older.

This girl is definite a keeper. Since she is still shy in certain situations, she needs another more confident dog in her new home. Please consider this sweetie if you’re looking to add a dog to your family!

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes (Requires a crate – still a puppy)
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes – needs another dog for confidence and security
Good with cats: Unknown – think she would be fine
Activity Level: Low – with bursts of puppy zoomies
Fenced yard: Recommended – she loves to run
Other notes: LOVES to chase and wrestle with other dogs; is fearful – needs continued confidence building