Will is super cute. He’s the 5-month-old pup of Jazmine; and he’s Pippa’s “big” brother.

Will is a little on the shy side, but he’s brave enough to protect his sister by placing himself between you and her if she’s scared. He’s a good brother. He’s doing well adjusting to his new start in life and he’s working hard on his house-training skills. He has a ton of potential and he’s eager to learn new things.

Foster update:

Will is house and crate trained. He has a medium activity level.

He is a great boy — but he doesn’t like loud noises and he’s very shy around new people. He knows how to sit and shake; and he loves his canine foster siblings. He’s quiet, playful, very friendly and easy going. He thinks he’s a lap dog!

Will loves attention and does not have an aggressive bone in his body, so he’d do very well with children that aren’t too boisterous. He enjoys being part of a real family. He’s not a whiner and or a barker. He is still really shy, but is working on coming out of his shell.

Will is now around 10 months old. A fenced yard is required for WIll.

New foster update:

Will has become a real snuggle bunny. He wants to be a lap dog but doesn’t realize he’s as big as he is. He loves to be outside and to run around chasing his foster siblings. He’s coming out of his shell little by little, but he’s still unsure about new people. He hardly ever barks, he does ‘moo’ though. It’s quite humorous. He even angles his head up when he moos. He also jumps like a deer at the back door when he has to potty or wants to come in. He is quite the athlete.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Curious with them, but won’t hurt them
Activity Level: Medium
Fenced yard: Required
Other notes: Loves to run and wrestle with other dogs; Shy meeting new people