BiBi is an “apartment Lab”… a mini-Lab… a shorty… a ‘pocket’ Lab (if you have really large pockets). You know, small and huggable – and just the right size to be perfect for those who love Labby dogs but who can’t handle Big. She is what is described in Southern terms as “a real doll baby” – absolutely precious. She’s 4-years- old, around 40 pounds and house-trained. She’s calm and a teeny bit shy – and very sweet. What a love!

It looks like it hasn’t been too long since she had pups and it seems as though she has had several litters. No more puppies for this girl! She gets to be someone’s baby now! Some family is going to be very, very lucky to have her.

Volunteer note:

I first met this sweetie when she was in boarding and just out of the shelter. She was confused and very worried about her circumstances. SHe left her kennel and walked outside with me with her shoulders slumped and her head lowered. She opened up once I figured out she just needed to be held for a minute. A nice solid hug worked wonders. She relaxed; and I fell in love. It was a few days later when we were able to move her up to Atlanta to our vet. On the long ride to the vet, she’d break into a smile, her ears would raise and she would light up when our eyes met. I just adore this girl!

Foster update:

BiBi loves to be loved on! She’s friendly, easy-going and quiet. She follows you around the house and loves attention. She is shy initially meeting new dogs — but once she feels safe, she loves them and wants to play. BiBi is a sweetheart that will make a great addition to any family.

BiBi is a real sweetheart. She loves your attention and she’ll follow you around the house. She’s house and crate trained. She also knows sit and stay. Her preferred sitting spot is in your lap.

She’s very friendly — a family dog. She likes and needs to be an integral part of her family. She loves car rides and going for walks; and she loves to run off-leash in fenced areas. BiBi will be a great addition to a loving family that will spend lots of time with her.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity Level: Low to Medium
Fenced yard: Not required but much appreciated
Other notes: Affectionate; Sweet and Loving