Duke (aka Sir Duke)


When we first rescued this ‘royal’ pair, Sir Duke and Dame Daisy, we were under the impression that staying together was a requirement for them. We have since learned that they do just fine separated – possibly even better. They are both beautiful Labs – and will make great family members.

Duke thinks he’s a lap dog and will get in your lap and give you big doggy kisses. He loves kids and does really well with them even with a group of them petting him. He’s hosuetrained, comes when called, sits on command and he has really nice leash manners. He’s a friendly, family dog that craves attention.

He loves his canine foster sister and gives her lots of kisses. He plays ball, but he enjoys playing keep away with all of his toys. He likes for you to chase him to try to get his toy. He loves to go for leash walks on trails and he really enjoys moseying in the yard.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Duke is handsome, with distinguished gray facial accents. He’s calm and loving – and cheerful. He showers you in giant kisses when given the slightest opportunity. He’s 8-year-old and he weighs about 80 pounds.

Duke and Daisy are awesome dogs. If you can make room in your life for these two, you’ll be on the receiving end of tons of love, adoration and affection every single day.