Kenny is flat-out handsome. But he’s not just a pretty face; he’s got personality too. He adores kids and he’s very affectionate. He wants to be near people, preferring to be right by your side.

Kenny’s a Lab mix with a shiny black coat and a tail with a distinct curl. You don’t notice it normally, but in bright light you can see he has a dark chocolate beard — and some dark chocolaty markings along his body and legs. We think he’s around 2-years-old and he weighs 60 pounds. He’s smart so he’s also very curious too. His resume includes skills such as sit, down, shake and stay. He does need some work on his leash walking though. And he’s not quite 100% on his house-training, although he’s pretty close. He loves to fetch and having you chase him is one of his favorite games.

He has been excellent with other dogs. He’s not intimidated by dogs that try to bully him; he just politely removes himself from the situation. And he’s been very tolerant of tiny dogs that try to harass him.

Kenny is very even-tempered and friendly. He’s quiet and easy-going – an excellent family dog. He will thrive as an integral part of a loving family.

Foster Update:

Kenny’s very polite with other dogs, but he wants to play. He’€™s good with dogs and cats. He loves running and fetching, especially with other dogs. He’d probably love to have another playful dog in his new home. He’€™s an active family dog that wants to please and get attention. He listens well and he loves affection but he’€™s not needy. He’s a really great dog.

Foster Update 2:

Kenny is an active family dog and he listens well. He likes to play with other dogs and think he would be happiest with a dog buddy, but probably not have separation issues without one. Kenny really is a people pleaser – I think he’d be fantastic at obedience. Although he loves attention, he’s not on top of you. He understands dog language and is a lover, not a fighter.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes! Loves them.
Good with dogs: Yes. Excellent actually
Good with cats: Yes
Activity Level: Medium
Fenced yard: Very much preferred; Loves to chase
Other notes: Plays fetch; Affectionate; Awesome with other dogs