Master Marley

Check out Master Marley! This young lad is only about 6 months old and over 55 pounds already. He has giant feet… and is already as tall as an average Lab. This is going to be one big boy! He’s very Labby looking but we’re pretty sure he’s got a decent amount of Great Dane in him, too. You can really see it when he looks directly at you and raises his ears. He is quite adorable and sweet – plus he’s house-trained, crate trained and good with other dogs. He’s just awesome – and quite huggable!

Foster update:

Marley is fully house-trained and has not had one accident. He goes to the back door and whines to go outside. He goes easily into his crate with a treat and only cries for a few minutes after I’ve left. He jumps right up on the sofa but has difficulty making the leap onto the bed, so I brought in my old dog ramp and now he walks right up when it’s time to go to bed. He barely moves all night.

Marley loves to play tug-of-war with Arty (Squad Alum Artist) and follows him closely to observe what he’s doing. In the backyard, he’ll hop from kiddie pool to kiddie pool stirring up the water and drinking it – and then he’ll go lay on my lounge chair and wait for Arty to pass by so he can pounce on him.

Overall he’s a super dog – smart, cute and funny.