Dusty is a true darling – shy, precious and quiet. She’s a pretty girl who was forced to live outside her entire life with only a plastic dog house for shelter. Owned by a breeder, she was released by him because she had an ear infection that was proving too costly.

About 2-years-old, she’s pretty smart. She listens and watches all the new sights and sounds she’s experiencing since leaving her life on the end of a chain. She adorably twists her head back and forth when she tries to understand what a new sound might mean. She takes treats ever so nicely, is good with other dogs and she likes kids.

Dusty will be a wonderful new family member. It will take her some time to adjust as everything is new to her, but she’ll thrive with lots of love, patience and attention. She has escaped the life of a breeder dog, now she’s ready to experience life in a home with unconditional love. She’s ready to become the Lab she was meant to be… able to run and play and snuggle with her loved ones.


Dusty is crate and housetrained. And she is loving living indoors now! She interacts great with our little dogs – and she rolls and plays with the other Lab-sized ones. She’s timid and shy around news thing and people, but she warms up and feels save pretty quickly. She loves to play with other dogs, however she really loves our 8 year old son. We think she should have some kids in her adoptive family, or at least have regular access to children, so she gets her “kid fix”.

Dusty is a family dog – very friendly and increasingly affectionate. She is still very puppy-like even though she is 2-years-old.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes!  LOVES them!
Good with dogs: Yes; looks to them for guidance
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity Level: Medium
Fenced yard: Not required, but appreciated
Other notes: Adores kids; Loves to wrestle with other dogs; Shy with new things/people