Everyone that meets Harley describes him as a real sweetheart. This 7-year-old beauty has spent his entire life as a breeder’s stud dog. Now this wonderful boy gets to leave the life of an outside dog on the end of a chain and become a beloved family member!

Harley’s missed out on so much, so we’re excited to help him begin a life of hugs and kisses — and tons of love and attention. He’s ready to have fun adventures that previously were only the things of his dreams. He’s great with kids and very social with other dogs. He’ll make a great family member and buddy.

Harley’s quite the looker and he currently weighs 100 pounds, but he’s not at all what you would call fat. He’s English-Lab style short, yet he’s a large, solid boy. He’s 100 pounds of loving Lab! He’s ready to get into a home so he can start learning how wonderful being part of a family and living inside truly are. He’s ready to start his new life. Would you like to help him live his dreams?