Sadie Rose

Sadie Rose is 7-years-old and a dyed-in-the-wool social butterfly. She loves to give hugs — and will stand on her back legs and wrap her front legs around you to give you a sweet bear-hug – or maybe, more like a giant bunny-hug. Sadie weighs 65 pounds and is, well, quite the chunky-monkey right now. She has started her new diet and, assuming she can steer clear of fastfood drive-thrus, she plans to get down closer to 55 pounds so that she has less of a, uhm, robust figure.

While in boarding at our vet, she constantly invited the vet staff over to chat. “Hey — you there! Have you met me yet? Come here.” She is also a tad of a trouble-monkey. She figured out how to open her kennel door to let herself out of her run. When we asked her why she kept ‘escaping’, she explained that she *must* meet the other dogs! A party girl should not be expected to stay caged!

Sadie seems to enjoy other dogs, rides really well in the car and she is housetrained. She is an integral-part-of-the-family type dog. Sweet, quiet and fun…and a bit mischievous, be sure to meet Sadie!