Babe is a pretty chocolate girl with a super friendly disposition. What a great girl! Her coat is smooth and it shines amazingly in the sunshine. It’s difficult to get a decent picture of her, though, because with each step you take back to get a good shot, she takes two steps towards you… so mostly we have lots of photos of her nostrils. She prefers to be in your lap, which also makes picture taking rather difficult. She makes us laugh. What a silly love-bug!

She’s an older girl – and simply wonderful. She’s estimated to be around 7-years-old and she’s weighs in at a healthy 55 pounds. She knows “sit” and “stay”, and she’s very well-mannered. She LOVES people and is friendly with dogs and cats. If you give her your lap or a hug or, heck, just talk to her, she’ll give you her exceptional, fantastic giant smile!

Babe is family material and super company if you need help getting into a good mood. If you’re feeling down, she’ll be there for you and she’ll make you feel loved. She’s a keeper.