John Henry

John Henry’s previous owner kept him chained, alone and neglected. This handsome boy was in and out of a rural shetler for many months until finally, his owner did not take him back home. In the shelter, he quickly became a favorite, cheating the euthanasia list repeatedly because the staff loved him so much. When the shelter was overflowing and “long timers” like John Henry were in extreme danger, ADS stepped up to save him. His story really spoke to us; he needed a do-over with a loving family! This sweet, gentle, handsome boy deserves so much more than what life had dealt him so far.

John Henry is less than 2-years-old and should weigh around 70 pounds when he gets some healthy weight on his extremely thin frame. He’s pretty laid-back — really easy going. He’s loving and very friendly, and he takes treats ever so gently. He also seems to have the super power of making everyone fall head over heals in love with him. This is a special boy. He needs a special family.