Submitted by Susan Smith

Our sweet and handsome Angus…what a special part of our life.

Angus came to us from the Atlanta Dog Squad. Although we don’t know his whole history, we do know he was picked up as a stray by a sheriff in south Georgia. He then got his first ride in a private plane to Atlanta, thanks to Pilots N Paws. At a Saturday adoption event at Petco, he raised his paw and waved at us as we headed toward the store. Our other dog, Dara, was with us, and he worked very hard that day to demonstrate to us that he would be the perfect new addition to our family. And he was right. He was a loving and devoted companion who never left our side.

Angus and Dara became inseparable. Although Dara was the boss, Angus was her protector. He loved to run, play and chase balls. If no one wanted to play, he would resort to tossing the tennis balls in the air himself, then catch them. And he loved his walks with us around the neighborhood (thanks to a few lessons in walking manners by Meredith Minkin of Canine Ph.D.). He was friendly and outgoing – his tail never stopped wagging and he showered kisses on everyone. Since Dara is stingy with kisses, that worked out well for her, too. His big and silly personality made people laugh and earned him the nickname Angus the Lug. Nothing bothered him…unless you didn’t want any more of his kisses.

In September 2011 he was diagnosed with significant heart problems, and was given 6-18 months to live. He was a real trooper, taking his meds and having frequent visits to the vet. He never complained – he knew that he would feel better after those vet visits. He stole the hearts of everyone at Veterinary Medical Center and his cardiologists and staff at Georgia Veterinary Services. Thanks to their expertise, he exceeded all expectations, and continued to live a good life for 27 months. We thank you all for your care and concern during his treatments.

We’ve been told he was a lucky dog to have us as a family. Maybe so, but we were the lucky ones too. He was a bright star that burned out too quickly, but he enriched our lives for as long as he could…even longer than expected. He left us peacefully and without suffering, surrounded by many of his friends.

We all love and miss you, Angus. But you are now free to run like the wind, so have fun chasing those tennis balls in heaven. We will forever cherish the special memories of your time with us.

Pete and Susan Smith, and Dara