Tall, dark and handsome, Gibbs is 3-years-old, 75 pounds and gorgeous! He loves to play and enjoys being with other dogs. He’s a typical goofy, young lab.

Gibbs knows sit and he takes treats very nicely. He’s a happy, social boy who loves to play fetch and to play with other dogs. He’s one very nice, very friendly guy! He’s also smart and and treat motivated, so he should be a dream to teach new things. He would love to find an active family, preferaby one with a large fenced yard to run in. He’ll thrive with love and attention.

Foster Update:

Gibbs is super easy-going. He knows “sit” and “come” – although sometimes he gets to sniffing in the yard and pretends he doesn’t know the word “come”… or at least, that he can’t hear it.

He has a medium energy level, is goofy on wood floors, loves toys and is great about entertaining himself. He really loves elk antlers to chew on over Nylabones. Nylabones are more of a toy to him than a chewing apparatus. He’s not a jumper when greeting or otherwise. And he’s expressed zero interest in trying to jump over our 4 foot tall fence or making any kind of escape.

He likes to chase balls, but he’s not a fetcher, for sure. Bringing the ball back to whence it came is not a thought in his pretty little head! He’ll grab a toy before he goes outside and that is where he’ll leave it. Humans are for bringing toys back inside.