Submitted by Margaret & Alan Friedman

We met Oliver on a sunny afternoon. I remember quite clearly all the dogs wagging their tails, barking greetings and there at the end of the line stood a quiet, beautiful boy named Oliver.

He was reserved, standing regal and strong and he had a certain presence that we were instantly drawn to. We asked to spend some time with him and that was all it took – we knew he was part of our family.

I recall on the ride home daydreaming of how our lives would be and all the great times we would have. I could envision Oliver swimming at the lake, being right by our sides when we went hiking in the mountains, ears flapping in the wind, as he would hang his head out the car window…. But instead Oliver liked running down to the lake and splashing the water with his paw- watching the fish jump and he liked chasing butterflies up and down the trails in the mountains and taking naps in the car.

How grateful we are that life doesn’t turn out exactly how you wish it to be since we could have never imagined that he would bring so much love and happiness into our lives. We gave him care, love and a home and he gave us everything he had.

We miss you terribly Oliver. You were a smart and loyal dog that had so many good qualities they are too numerous to list. Thank you for all that you gave us and we hope you are in a better place.

We will never forget you and you will live in our hearts forever.

Margaret & Alan Friedman