Sparkles lost her home and family when her owner moved out of the country. This sweetheart is definitely a family dog. Her tail never stops wagging! There’s always a wagging-tail blur behind her that’s Sparkles Speak for “I’m so happy you’re my friend!”

Sparkles is a lab mix, 60-65 pounds and she’s crate trained. She’ll be 3-years-old in November; she’s been with the same family since she was rescued as a pup. Friendly with other dogs, she’s happily lived with kids her whole life. She’s really gentle with treats, very smart and she learns quickly. She knows sit, lay, wait and roll-over. She loves affection and truly enjoys a good belly rub.

Wouldn’t it be just awesome to have this happy face greet you first thing in the morning? Make this sweetheart part of your family and start each day with a wonderful Sparkle of happiness!

Foster update:

Sparkles is totally house trained. She loves her crate and sleeps in it all night without a peep; she even self-crates during the day when she has down time. She knows sit, down, off and will wait for her food until I say “okay”. She loves chasing balls and she gets along with other dogs in the neighborhood. She’s not a barker either! She’s a great girl!

Sparkles has been with us for a month and she is a delight to have in our home. She and our dog love playing together in the front yard with all the toys. We have not had any problem with her transition into our home- she hasn’t had any accidents, kennels up nicely, sleeps through the night, plays with only the dog toys and loves chilling on the couch with us. Sparkles is a loyal pup and loves us. She really loves our truck because it takes her to wonderful places to walk in the woods! Our 14-month-old grandson was at the house last week and she loved licking his face and making him giggle; it was priceless to watch! Sparkles would fit perfectly into any home with children or other pets.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes – loves them!
Good with dogs: Yes – loves them!
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity Level: Medium
Fenced yard: Highly Recommended
Other notes: Sweet; Great with kids and dogs; Wonderful family dog