Zeus (foster home needed)

Looking for a simple-minded, lazy couch potato? Well, keep looking! Zeus is active and loving, and he’s a scholar, too! This incredibly bright boy recently completed obedience school and he aced the classes. He even earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate with little effort! He’s a smart boy who loves to train and to “work”. He’s extremely attentive and a very quick learner. He focuses really well while training and he really enjoys one-on-one interaction. He’s mastered lots of commands including Sit, Watch, Come, Down, Stay and Heel.


Zeus is not a dog to just sit around the house like a bump on a log; he wants to interact and connect with his humans. He wants to be with his people and he likes it when you talk to him, including him in the conversation. He’s a very intelligent dog who needs a “plugged in” owner – one that will involve him in activities and give him jobs to do – and continue to teach him things. He’s a thinker and a problem solver who requires human attention – and a purpose. His family will need to continue with consistent obedience work and/or create games that engage his mind. We believe he’s mixed with Shepherd as he has similar personality traits – meaning he’s devoted, bright, active, playful and obedient. He’s also very affectionate.

If you need regular entertainment, Zeus can fill that bill, too. He can be very amusing when playing with his toys. We’re not really sure if he plays with toys to entertain himself or to entertain his people. He is definitely funny. And if you really need to laugh, just add water!

Although Zeus seems to like other dogs, he isn’t great with most of them. As a youngster, he never learned how to interact properly with them so he tends to be a bit of a bully sometimes, not understanding when the another dog tells him he’s being too rough. For this reason and because Zeus is so focused on his human family, we feel he’ll do best as an only dog.

Zeus is a little over a year old and around 65 pounds. He’s an incredible dog. He’ll thrive with continued obedience work, learning new things and he’d love Seek & Find type activities. If you’re looking for an interactive buddy, please be sure to meet this awesome boy!

*Medical note: Zeus was recently diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus (DI). His condition is currently well controlled with daily medication given in the form of eye-drops.

Foster Comments:

Zeus really is phenomenal. He would really be some one’s best friend and companion. He is very loving and wants to please his people and one of my favorite things about him is how good-natured he is about meeting new people. He really is a good boy! He’s cuddly. He’s funny. He’s smarter than average. But he does need to be an only dog.

Zeus’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: No; Best as an only dog
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity level: Medium
Fenced yard: Highly recommended
Other notes: Goofy; Fun; Loves kids; Very affectionate; Loves water; Very smart and highly trainable; Requires a very interactive owner; Very loyal