Meet Kylie. Her given name was Midnight, but we’re calling her Kylie, as she’s moving from a dark past into a more upbeat, bright, hopeful future.

Her previous owner has dementia and was keeping her tied up inside the house. When her owner had to move to a nursing home, a neighbor offered to take Kylie, however it was discovered that he wanted to make her an outside dog and to breed her. Kylie’s advocates contacted us to ensure she’d be safe and that she’d wind up in a great home.

She’s around 18-months-old and 50 pounds. When she gets excited, she purses her lips and sings “roowhoowhoo” to you. It’s really precious. Everything about her is really precious, actually. She’s very well-mannered and great with other dogs. She even handed out kisses and happy wags to all the dogs she met while waiting in our vet’s lobby.

Kylie loves getting attention and to be with her human firends – truly appreciating the affection she missed in her past. We can only imagine how difficult her previous life must have been for her. She’s ready to share her happiness with you — and eager to welcome every day with her cheerful disposition.