Maximo wound up in a very bad situation when his family moved to a new place that wouldn’t take large dogs and the plans for him to move in with a new family fell through. We couldn’t let him wind up in the local shelter. He’s a great boy!

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Max is house-trained and doing great with his new foster siblings — three chihuahuas and two labs. He’d rather be with his humans though; he’s not really interested in playing with other dogs. He’s great in the house. What a nice boy!

He is 10 years old. It’s amazing; he acts young, is healthy and doesn’t have a speck of gray on him. Please don’t let his age dissuade you if you’re looking for an awesome new family member. He’s quite spunky – and everyone that meets him guesses his age as around 4 or 5 years. He’s a super dog. Maybe he knows the true location of the fountain of youth…

Foster Update:

We’ve all met or have seen a “Senior”, either in person or perhaps TV/internet, playing a great game of tennis, doing gymnastics, dancing, performing amazing feats of strength, swimming the English Channel… Then we learn that person is 80 or 90 years old and we all think: No way! I would have guessed MUCH younger! That’s the way it is with Maximo.

I’ve had a lot of Lab experience, over 40 years actually, and when I first saw Max I guessed he was no older than 4 or 5. Really, somewhere along the way, Max found and drank from the Fountain of Youth! Max is the best. He’s fit and healthy, and he loves nothing better than a long walk or hike, a ride in the car (he jumps in and out while my two Labs have to be lifted). He bounces up and down the stairs here all day long as he follows me around the house or yard. He’s also laid-back and relaxed.

He’s my “Chore Buddy”. He enjoys just lying close-by, watching me do my thing. At night, he lies beside our bed and even though my husband gets up and feeds him early, he comes back upstairs and sleeps again until I get up. I love my shadow!

Max gets along fine with my dogs. Introductions went very well, but he simply isn’t much interested in the pack and pays them little attention. I’ve never crated him; he’s great in the house. And we’ve left him alone several times and come home to find him curled up on his bed. He isn’t a barker either, but he will let you know when someone comes to the door. My kind of dog!

This guy is sweet, relaxed and eager to please. His idea of heaven on earth would be good food, being close to his family members, a nice walk every day and a ride in the car when he can go along. He very much wants to be an integral part of some lucky family. I can’t speak highly enough of this fellow and were I a little younger myself, he would have already found his forever home. He is a treasure!

Maximo’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes, but not needed
Good with kids: Yes, however Maximo can be food bowl possessive so we won’t adopt him to a home with kids
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Activity level: Low
Fenced yard: Recommended but not necessary
Other notes: Sweet; Loves to be with his people; Well behaved