Molly Mae

Precious 2-year-old Molly-Mae found herself in a very rural shelter. She really thought her luck was changing when she was adopted from there, but instead of finding herself in a happy forever home, she was passed around and eventually surrendered to another county shelter. Poor, Molly. She’s so sweet and a little timid. She’s a love-bug who she likes to get hugs. She’s a smaller girl – a shorty, around 55 pounds – but honestly she should drop 5 or 10 pounds to be her ideal weight.

Molly-Mae1Molly-Mae1 (3)  Molly-Mae2 Molly-Mae3 Molly-Mae11 Molly-Mae12 Molly-Mae13

Molly has had pretty bad luck looking for her forever family. We promised her we’d change that. She really wants to be in a home with a family of her very own; she’s a family dog. And she’s ready to dedicate herself to you forever.