Sadie Gaga

Sadie Gaga is one unique Labby mix girl! She’s happy and joyful.. and brindle. Yes, you read that right. She is brindle. She has a coat of many colors that her mamma made for her. (Our apologies to Dolly Parton).  We believe Sadie has Lab and Chesapeake Bay Retriever lineage as Chessie’s come in brindle coloring and can have accents.

Sadie Gaga1 Sadie Gaga2 Sadie Gaga3 Sadie Gaga4

We know that brindle Retriever mixes are soon to be all the rage on the home front! Who do you know that has a brindle “Lab”? Why have a one or two color Lab when you can have extra colors – and stripes – thrown in for free? She’s gorgeous, glamorous… and a great dancer. Okay — we don’t know about her dancing skills yet, but she does love to play fetch!

At 2-years-old and about 60 pounds, Sadie is just a tad on the chunky side. She is the real deal – brains and beauty – and she loves everyone, both humans and dogs. She’s well-mannered, good-natured and affectionate. She is quite the social butterfly with the best “hi-how-are-you” smile ever.

This friendly, loving, and playful girl makes you feel good just being with her. Her happiness is contagious. She’ll fit right in with any family.