Satchel is handsome! He’s less than 2-years-old and always looking for some fun. Super friendly and playful, he prefers to be part of what’s going on. He’s a happy, active boy – or as a couple people have described him – a rather goofy puppy.

He seems to always be in motion, so don’t expect him to be a couch potato. He loves to run and wrestle. He’ll be a great hiking buddy and best friend. Can’t you just imagine being able to look at that sweet face and into those beautiful eyes every single day?

Foster update:

Satchel’s a good boy. He likes squeaky toys and he really likes the ball, although he isn’t allowed to get active yet, due to his heartworm treatment. He likes to prance about with all his toys in his mouth, or at least he tries… He can’t quite get them all in there at one time and seems confused when he keeps dropping them. He’s very sweet and cute. He’s a love-bug.