With Theo, what you see is what you get. He’s a happy, friendly, handsome Lab! He’s young – almost a year old, and about 60 pounds. He loves attention, affection and toys, too. He’ll chase toys, if you toss them for him. But when it comes to fetching a ball, he’s a pro. He’ll bring the ball back time and time again – either dropping it close by or standing close and waiting for you to take it from his mouth. He releases toys nicely and he takes treats very gently.

Theo is a classic Lab who’ll make a great family member. He’s a lot of fun and a super companion.

Foster Update:

Theo is great! He’s house-trained; we don’t use a crate for him. He’s still very puppy-like so you have to watch what he has access to or he will chew things he shouldn’t.

He loves people in general. He really likes kids and is truly sweet with them. Due to his activity level and size though, he’ll be best with older kids as he might unintentionally knock over really young ones. But he’d give them lots of kisses if they fell to make sure they were okay. 🙂

Theo enjoys running and fetching things. He is literally a thing of beauty when he runs. He leaps like a stag and is just gorgeous. He’s definitely a family dog – active, friendly and playful. He does enjoy a nap on the couch though, too!

Foster Update 2:

Theo is smart as a whip. He responds well to simple commands: sit, down, lie down. He has respected the garden boundaries in the backyard. He figured out pretty quick that the master bedroom is where he sleeps. He is self entertaining. He’ll throw the tennis ball to himself, run and get it and do it again and again. He would do GREAT in a house full of kids (6 years old and up); the more energy-burners the better.

He is fearless… so far — electric toothbrush, not a problem. Hair dryer: Wanted to sniff it, and thought it was great when I turned the air on him. Vacuum cleaner is next up as a test. We’ll be working on stay and heel with him as any open door is an invitation to leave. He’s a great boy.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Unknown (think so)
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes, but not great with small dogs
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity Level: High
Fenced yard: Required
Other notes: Friendly, playful, loves kids and dogs