Ty is around a year old, only about 45 pounds – and as adorable as can be. He came to us from an overwhelmed rescue in rural Georgia where he spent most of his life in a pen, surrounded by lots of other dogs in pens around him. We initially felt that he’d have great difficulty transitioning to life as a house-dog and adjusting to the hustle and bustle of urban life. We are pleased – and a bit amazed , actually – at how quickly Ty has adjusted. He’s eating up life as a house-dog and loving all the attention and affection and fun that comes with it!


And he loves, loves, loves other dogs! When he meets a new dog, he automatically offers a play bough, hoping to make a new friend. As a matter of fact, he needs to go to a home with another friendly dog that he can look to for guidance so he can continue to learn as quickly as he has so far. He’s learned lots of new things in very short order already; he’s a fast learner, especially when he has another dog to learn from.

Ty is initially a bit shy with new things and people, but if you move slowly and show him some affection, he warms up quickly. His confidence improves daily. He’s a sweet boy. He’s already got his house-training skills in his tool-belt! He knows how to do stairs now, plus he walks on leash like a champ! He’s a real love-bug and he’ll continue to flourish with patience and love.

Foster Update:

Ty’s doing really great adjusting to his new foster home. He’s made fast friends with his two new canine sisters; they are showing him the ropes of home life. All three dogs can often be found chasing each other around outside in the backyard or curled up together on the couch snoozing away.

Ty has also done really well with our 2.5-year old so. He’s been very sweet with him and we’ve had no issues at all with the two of them.

Ty is a huge cuddle bug–he likes to sleep close and we find him in the morning either snuggled up next to me or my husband. He does well in his crate when we are not in the house, too. He’s definitely a sweetheart.