Say “Hey” to aptly named Rocket! He’s a super fun, active athlete who loves to run and chase balls and wrestle and play Frisbee. He loves to swim and ride and…. chase balls. He’s 5-years-old with the energy and playfulness of a young puppy. And he really loves to chase balls.


He’s great with other dogs and loves their company. And he seems like he could learn to live with cats. He does want to chase them, but he likes to chase balls, so why not cats too? His attitude though, suggests that he could get past the cat chasing and learn to co-exist nicely. He is just awful around horses, so no equines in his new home, please.

Rocket can scale a chain-link fence without much effort – and will take himself to the dog park, if left unattended. He requires a yard with a tall, secure fence to run and play in. A large yard would be great, because he loves to chase balls. He’ll probably do best with another active, playful canine companion (or two or three) to provide wrestling and chasing entertainment. He really needs to play with other dogs; and he enjoys going to doggy daycare.

To put it simply, Rocket ain’t no couch potato; he needs lots of exercise. He would be a great runner’s companion. And if you like to throw things, well, he loves to chase balls. He would excel at agility or even competitive disc training or similar activities that would stimulate him and keep him entertained. He’s very much a family dog – out-going and as friendly as can be – with not a mean bone in his body. He’s very affectionate, almost to a fault and he loves kids and is great with them, even little ones.

This gorgeous boy is house-trained and doesn’t require a crate. Even cooler than that, when he needs to go out he’ll ring a bell if you attach one to the door. He’s a smart boy! He doesn’t get into stuff and isn’t destructive at all, but he does need some polishing on his behavior, to learn to reign in his joy when things get exciting… to learn some better self control when his joie-de-vivre gets a little too exuberant. He needs a little bit of guidance to learn how to channel his energy. He knows commands like come, sit, wait and lay down. And because he is bright, he needs stimulation to be happy — things to do, things or others to play with. At night he prefers to snuggle next to you and he likes to sneak naps on the couch. He wants to be with you – on your lap, if that’s okay.

Rocket loves his people. He definitely needs an active home, preferably one where he is not left alone for long periods. With a little training, attention and good exercise, he’ll make someone a perfect pal and exercise partner. Oh, and in case we forgot to mention it – he REALLY loves to chase balls.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Not Needed
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Will chase if they run but probably okay
Activity Level: High (Very)
Fenced yard: Required
Other notes: Tall privacy fence required; best with another dog; loves kids; ball obsessed