Thomas is a 2-year-old, 50 pound Lab mix. He’s sweet and gentle, and he likes other dogs. He loves to play ball, too. He’ll happily fetch a ball, bring it back and drop it at your feet to help you play with him.

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When we first met Thomas he was a bit overwhelmed in the kennel environment. But when we spent some time with him, he really opened up. We saw hints of his funny, entertaining side. He showed us that he totally understands how doors work; you stand up on your back feet and push right in the middle like humans do. 🙂 Unfortunately, he hadn’t learned to be able to read the “pull” sign on the vet office door so his demonstration wasn’t quite the success he’d hoped. He then placed his foot on the doorbell like he was trying to ring it to see who might come let him in. Very funny.

Thomas is a handsome and initially shy guy but once you show him some love he opens up. His personality will really blossom once he knows he’s safe and in a loving home of his own. He’ll make a wonderful addition to any family.


Thomas is energetic and playful. He’ll fetch a ball until he drops. Inside he loves Nylabones or Kong toys. He enjoys a nice nap on the couch (or on one of his favorite humans). He’s quite a love-bug. He gets excited when you first come home. He thinks nothing of sticking his head in your grocery bags when you return from the store, so he’s a little on the nosy side. 🙂

He enjoys being snuggled and loved on – a lot… and we’ve found he enjoys being smooched and scratched from head to toe. He leans into you when you rub his back side or hind legs, then he’ll just flop on the floor. He’s not a couch potato, though – although he does love a good sofa-snuggle. He needs a daily long walk or jog – and some ball fetching time for entertainment.

He’s sweet, funny and goofy. He trips over his own feet and he does a talky-bark when he wants you to play with him. He’ll do best where he can be a part of the family and what’s going on. He’s incredibly affectionate and playful – and eager to please those he loves. He is an awesome family dog with an incredible amount of potential.

Thomas’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes – but would love to be an only dog
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity level: Medium to High
Fenced yard: Highly recommended
Other notes: Loves fetch; Loves people; Would probably love to be the only dog as center of attention