Four-year-old, 65 pound Columbo lost his home and family because his owner chose not to neuter him. We were told that a neighbor had an unspayed female and, not surprisingly, Bo wanted to be her pal when she was in heat. The neighbor threatened to shoot Bo if he couldn’t be kept away from his dog. So, sadly, Bo’s owner took him to the local, rural shelter and left him.

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The bad news is that Bo did get shot at some point. He has some pellets still lodged in him. The good news is that the pellets won’t cause him any future problems. The great news is that he’s a Squad Dog now and this is just the start of the best part of his life!

Bo was in a temporary foster home before coming to us in Atlanta. His foster mom said he is house and crate trained plus great with kids, dogs and cats. He even let little kids crawl all over him. We’re not sure what his previous owner was thinking, but we think when you meet Bo, you’ll decide he is definitely a keeper.

Foster Update:

Bo gets happier and more playful every day. He enjoys chasing balls and carrying them around. He’s so respectful of our senior Lab, Lacey. He crashed into her today and she yelped. He immediately stopped and gave her kisses.

He’s friendly to dogs and people during walks at the park and he loves going to the school bus stop in the morning to see the children and other dogs. He’s happy outside – if you stay with him. But if we go inside, he wants to come back in as soon as he does his business. While he likes to be in the same room with us, he’s not so clingy that he needs to be touching us. He’s crate and house-trained; and he stands at the door when he wants to go out. He’s an all-around great boy!