Sweet, fun and loving little Ella was surrendered to Animal Control when her owners moved. As an owner surrender and a black dog, she stood little chance of making it out of the shelter. Volunteers told us that she would sit patiently, waiting for someone to take her out of her run. She loves to play, but all she really wants is to be loved.

Ella (1) Ella (2) Ella (5) Ella (7)

Ella is only 7-months-old and about 45 pounds. She’s a very good girl – crate trained and she seems to be house-trained, too. She’s sweet, friendly and a tail wagger. She’s good with dogs and she really loves laps! This cute little Lab mix is going to be the love of someone’s life.


Ella is house and crate trained. She loves to take walks around the the yard to sniff and mosey. She’ll retrieve occasionally. She likes to follow the scent of deer on the trails. She likes to play with other dogs and she enjoys riding in the car. She’s eager to please and a great companion. She likes to be with her human friends.

Ella is super friendly, easy going, playful, very obedient and pretty. She gives wonderful little kisses. Ella is a doll and so undemanding. I never had such a happy and calm dog in my home.


Ella is very active and very, very smart. She’s still a pup so she needs engagement so she won’t chew inappropriately and enough exercise to allow her to be the best puppy she can be. She’s a wiggle butt which is pretty adorable – sort of a little Mexican jumping bean.

Ella loves people, gives kisses and she enjoys being petted. She also loves playing tug of war and wrestling with another dog. She probably didn’t have the most thorough socialization as a young puppy so she’ll benefit from some confidence building; she can be a little nervous with new and strange experiences. She’ll look to you for confidence and reassurance. She is very quick learner and she’ll do best with a dog-savvy owner, She’ll thrive with agility training or with someone working with her to learn new tricks and skills.

Ella’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes. She’ll play bow to cats. 🙂
Activity level: Young dog high; perpetual motion 🙂
Fenced yard: Not required, but highly recommended
Other notes: Sweet, energetic, loves to play, super smart