Hunter & Angel

Meet Hunter and Angel, a wonderful bonded pair who lost their home and family when their owner was hospitalized. They’d been living alone in their home for a while, with regular visits from family members to care for and feed them. When it was evident that their mom was not going to be coming home, and they had to move out of the house, the situation became desperate. No one in the family was able to take them; they had no place to go and they had a deadline of when the house needed to be vacated. Fortunately, Atlanta Dog Squad was able to find a foster home for them, and they have adjusted very well.

Hunter is 8 years old and Angel is 9 years old. They were rescued by their family when they were very young, and they’ve been together ever since. They check in with each other regularly and both get worried if the other is out of sight for too long. Finding them a permanent home, as a pair, is our top priority so that they can begin the next phase of their lives together.

These kids are, let’s just say, a tiny bit on the large side. Although both need to drop a few pounds, they are both big dogs and by no means are they obese. The “small one” is Angel. She’s a tall black lab mix who weighs in at 89 pounds. Hunter is a big boy too. He is likely a collie or sight-hound mixed with, well, something really big. He tips the scale at 104 pounds!

Hunter and Angel are large, but they are gentle and very loving. They are highly adoptable! They both think they are lap dogs and they appreciate lots of loving and ear rubs. They’ve been very lonely for quite a while and they’ll flourish in a home where they have lots of company and attention again. These dogs are great with other dogs, they like kids and they have always lived with several cats. They are older — but they are easy — and you could not ask for better companions.

Foster Update:

Hunter and Angel came to us together from the same household when their owner moved into hospice. Both have very similar personalities – extremely sweet, gentle, well behaved, and low key. (Hunter is playful on occasion). They love walks, car rides and to be near you. They would never try to escape!

They get along great with children and other dogs; we have 3 dogs of our own. Both of them are submissive to our alpha female and let her command the pack. We’ve never had a problem with them not getting along with any dogs. Within one day of arriving to our home, they were relaxed, happy, and sleeping and eating well. These are great dogs; they’ll steal your heart, and offer up all the love and affection you will let them give.

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Unknown; Not needed
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Activity Level: Low
Fenced yard: Highly recommended
Other notes: Super Sweet and loving; Love to be with people