Annabella’s a 4-year-old, 50 pound sweetie with a giant smile. She was picked up as stray with her mate. She’d just recently had puppies – and it was obvious that it wasn’t her first litter. The pair’s owner never came looking for them and soon her buddy was adopted. Volunteers told us that “Bella” would sit quietly in her run, watching everyone walk by as though waiting and hoping for someone – anyone – to come for her. She went to several shelter adoption events, but adult black mixed breeds don’t fare well when the competition is smaller dogs and adorable puppies. Sadly, before long, she was added to the soon-to-be-euthanized list. The shelter was out of space; she was out of time. We were lucky enough to meet her; and happy that she said she would love to be a Squad Dog. She pretty much danced out of the shelter door with our volunteer.

Annabella, aka Bella, loves to fetch a tennis ball. She’ll chase a ball for as long as someone will throw it. She also enjoys walks. After the initial excitement of getting out for a walk, she quickly settles down and walks very well next to the person walking her. Bella easily fits into a home setting. She’s very well behaved and does not push the limits. She’s a high energy girl so she needs a lot of exercise and ball chasing to ensure she stays a happy girl. She gets along with everyone and has never shown any aggression to other people or dogs.

Bella will do best with at least one other playmate with the same level of energy or with an active person/family who will include her in their daily activities and ensure she gets plenty of exercise. She’s very loving and wants to please her “person”. She does not require a crate – she has been left in our home for hours and has never done anything destructive. She sleeps in the bedroom on her bed with the rest of the pack and will sleep all night as long.

Bella is a dream and a wonderful companion. She wants only to please her person. She is very well behaved and as long as she is properly exercised.