Meet Benny. He’s a charmer. Seriously. He makes people fall for him; it’s as though he casts a spell. It just happens. You make eye contact, he gives you a hug – and it’s all over. He has your heart. And the minute he meets you, he loves you… so it’s a pretty cool deal for all involved.


Ben is 10-years-old and 65 pounds. His owner left him with extended family and didn’t come back for him. The family member, after several months, couldn’t care for him any longer and surrendered him to animal control. You’d expect his world to have been shattered, but that’s not Benny. He rolls with the punches and spreads cheer wherever he finds himself. He’s a happy guy. When you approach him or talk to him, he immediately stops what he’s doing, makes eye contact and offers you a paw- very charming. If he’s met you before, he’ll give you a nice hug. He’s confident with his affection and he likes to look deeply into your eyes. We think it’s part of his super powers. The next thing you know, you’re under his spell – and you fall in love with him.

Benny’s no old-timer. If he used a little Grecian Formula on his gray spots, you’d probably be hard pressed to realize that he’s a senior. As Benny says, age is just a number. It’s attitude and action that counts. Benny loves to play ball, and never passes up an offer to take a ride and go for a walk. He’s very energetic, strong and well-trained. He’ll “give 5” to anyone who puts out a hand. He’s loves to snuggle, too… So he’s the best of both worlds – playful and cuddly. He’s a great dog!

Cheerful. Animated. Socially dynamic. Charismatic. Benny. To know him is to love him. If affection is your thing, then Ben is your boy.