This adorable little girl was picked up as a stray. She wasn’t reclaimed, which surprised no one, as it seems she has been either neglected for a long time — or roaming for quite a while. She has significant skin issues and lots of fur loss that will clear up with a little help from our vet, some meds and some good nutrition. She’s also very underweight right now, only 40 pounds. The shelter volunteers and staff fell for her sweet personality. We met her and loved her, so she became a Squad Dog.


We call her Possum because she’s small and shy and very sweet. She bonds really quickly with whoever shows her kindness. She leans into you when you pet or hold her; she gets as close as she can. She gravitates to other dogs too, so we think she’ll become more brave in a home with a friendly canine pal who can help her become more confident. She’s responding well to all the TLC she’s getting. We think it’s probably the first time in her life she’s had people care about her.

Possum is a sweetheart and a doll. She has a ton of potential and she’ll flourish with the love and care she deserves and seeks out. Please give this little shy gal a chance to show you her devotion.