Cady, Bling and Johnny are super sweet retriever mixes who were part of a hoarding case – an over-crowded, underfunded private shelter ordered shut down by the Department of Agriculture. When the DOA gave the shutdown order; all of the animals had to leave the property. Any remaining ones were to be shipped off to neighboring, already overcrowded, county shelters where they would hold little hope of making it out alive. We were able to help these pups just in the nick of time!


Cady has spent much of her life in a small, rural outside pen. Things we consider normal and everyday are brand new to her. She still trembles until she’s had time to size up new situations. When we first met her, she was pretty timid. But she quickly figured out that treats are good. She put her front paws up on the bench to get more loving – and more treats. She’s had minimal exposure to the “outside” world, but she’ll adjust perfectly in no time. She’s sweet, friendly and loving; and she likes to play with other dogs.

Cady’s around 2-years-old and a bit too portly at 45 pounds – but she is simply adorable. She’s really soft – like cashmere soft. She’s also a shorty – her body shape resembles a Corgi. Her tail is very fuzzy and it wags a lot, letting you know that she loves attention. What a precious girl!