Moose was an owner surrender to a crowded shelter. His previous owner reported that he’s house-trained, and good with children. He’s 5 years old and 70 pounds with long legs and a strong desire to lean on you.

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Foster Update:

Moose is the goofy variety of Lab. He’s a friendly, healthy, athletic, happy boy. His favorite things are car rides, playing fetch, romping and running with other dogs, getting attention from people and… eating baby carrots. He’s quite the enthusiastic car rider. No matter how many talks we have with him, “stranger danger” never crosses his mind. He’s always ready and willing to hop into any car. He really loves a good game of fetch but honestly, he’s better at the chasing part and not always so good at the returning part. But he’s got the skills! He just needs some encouragement – or maybe a reason – to bring the ball back more reliably. A moderate level of play and activity keeps him happy.

Moose is house-trained and well-behaved when inside. He’s never been destructive and he’s not a chewer. he’s good with other dog, too. His foster sister can be a bit picky about her canine friends, but she and Moose get along just fine.

He’s affectionate and seeks out attention from his human friends. And he’s just the best snuggler ever. He resembles a big chocolate doughnut when he curls up to sleep. He’s treat motivated so that makes teaching him new things pretty easy; he will work for food. Moose is a great family dog with huge potential.

Moose’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity level: Medium
Fenced yard: Highly recommended
Other notes: Well mannered; Friendly; Playful