Johnny, Cady and Bling are super sweet retriever mixes who were part of a hoarding case – an over-crowded, underfunded private shelter ordered shut down by the Department of Agriculture. When the DOA gave the shutdown order; all of the animals had to leave the property. Any remaining ones were to be shipped off to neighboring, already overcrowded, county shelters where they would hold little hope of making it out alive. We were able to help these pups just in the nick of time!

Johnny40r Johnny41 Johnny42 Johnny40F

Handsome, 45 pound, two-year-old Johnny loves to cuddle and be petted. He’s friendly and definitely a people person; he warms up as soon as you pet him. He’s also a kisser; he seeks affection from every person in the room. He’s inquisitive so that means he’s a smart kid, too. This boy has a ton of potential! He’s a keeper.

Foster Update 1:

Johnny is settling in quite nicely. He’s a social butterfly who seeks to make everyone his friend- and he succeeds! He loves snuggling, long walks, belly rubs, and meal time. He does a happy dance when he knows it’s food time.

We took him to the farmers market, the Beltline Boil festival, and out to lunch with us and Stella (his foster sister) this weekend. He did really well with all of the excitement. He was a good boy the whole time, and liked meeting lots of people and other dogs.

Johnny tends to be submissive with other dogs. He enjoys playing with other dogs. He’s learning how to sit on command. He’s also met a few kids, and has done well with them, but he does like to nibble so may not be a great fit for a family with really young kids. He’s a medium energy dog- he can definitely go on long walks without getting tired. He settles down quickly and is happy to sleep in (preferably in the bed with us) and snuggle. He loves watching/stalking squirrels- I’m sure he’d love a yard! But he also seems like he’d be fine with apartment life. He seems very adaptable.

Foster Update 2:

Johnny is a great dog. He loves to run, go for walks, chase balls and snuggle. He really loves toys – and he enjoys a good chewy, too. He’s house trained, playful and friendly. He’ll make a wonderful addition to a lucky family!


Johnny’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes – Best with another dog, he has never been alone
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity level: Medium
Fenced yard: Recommended
Other notes: Sweet; Affectionate