Bling, Cady and Johnny are super sweet retriever mixes who were part of a hoarding case – an over-crowded, underfunded private shelter ordered shut down by the Department of Agriculture. When the DOA gave the shutdown order; all of the animals had to leave the property. Any remaining ones were to be shipped off to neighboring, already overcrowded, county shelters where they would hold little hope of making it out alive. We were able to help these pups just in the nick of time!

Bling has an overall Labby shape but is likely mixed with hound. Her coloring is striking with interesting markings — no uni or bi coloring for this girl. She’s multi-colored – cream, tan, brown… and she’s got patches and spots too. There’s nothing boring about her. She’s pretty; she’s got it goin’ on. She’s extra special and fancy; that’s why we named her Bling!

Somewhere around two-years-old, 45 pound Bling is quiet and shy. Southern folks would describe her personality as “a real doll baby”. She lived in a 10 X 10 pen on rural, secluded property for much of her life. Most of the sights and sounds of the city are new and scary to her right now. She’s adjusting really well, but she’ll need a family that’s patient and that will work with her as she experiences her new world.

Bling is friendly, loving and active – a really nice dog. During her initial photo shoot, she went into the corner of the room, struck a pose and really didn’t move. She sat there and very calmly looked at us as if to say, “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Demille.” What a girl! This sweetie has a ton of potential. Don’t you need some Bling in your life?

Foster Update:

Bling is simply awesome. I can not say enough nice things about her. Thinking of her history — and looking at her now – I’m really impressed with the progress she’s made learning to live inside and to be part of a family. She’s wonderful.

She likes other dogs -and loves to wrestle with them. But she’s very human motivated, wanting to be with you whenever possible. She gets really excited when I get home and her tail never stops wagging when she sees me. She wants to stay near me whenever she can. She loves her human family. She’s a real love-bug. She enjoys and craves affection, probably because she didn’t have a lot of human interaction in her previous life, so now she really appreciates it. She wants to be wherever you are.

Bling hasn’t shown much of a prey drive. She’s good on leash and she likes to sniff around in the yard. And there’s nothing more fun than wrestling with her foster sisters. If they’re napping when she wants to play, she gently bites their tails to get their attention. She not a rough player; she’s very gentle with her friends.

Because of her limited past experiences due to living in a small outside pen, Bling is still adjusting to the sounds of a house living. She’s frightened by “new” noises – like ice in a glass, weed eaters or squeaky doors. With a little encouragement and patience, she learns that the new sounds are okay. Then another new noise comes along — and she needs to investigate and acclimate to it. She’s doing great! But she’ll need a family willing to work with her on introducing new sounds.

She’s not big on toys probably because she never had any Growing up; she doesn’t know what to think of them. She enjoys chewing on antlers, but she’s a funny eater. She tastes each piece of kibble – almost one at a time – as though she appreciates each and every bite. She takes treats very sweetly and she sits politely when asked. She’s also house and crate trained.

Bling is a great family dog who needs to be an integral part of her family, spending her time with and near them. She’s a real joy. Precious.